About Hillside Acres

Photo David Mangiaracino

Hillside Acres is a permaculture farm located in Ozawkie, Kansas, USA on 8 acres. Hillside is at Latitude 39.2333° N Altitude XX. It is in USDA plant hardiness zone 6a with an annual precipitation of 35 inches. It has 170 frost free days between May 5 – September 22. Predominate wind direction between March 21 – December 8 is from the South. From December 8 – Mar 21 the predominate wind direction is from the North. The project began in October of 2017.

Hillside Acres is managed by David Mangiaracino. The focus of the last 2 years has been Annual vegetable production for local farmers markets. The goal is sustainable permaculture food forest and silvo pasture.